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NJDEP Weighs in on 2014 Remediation Deadlines

February 12, 2013 | No Comments
Posted by Marc Policastro

This morning, NJDEP convened a joint meeting of its Site Remediation Advisory Group (SRAG) and Cooperative Venture Project (CVP). One of the main topics for consideration was whether the Department would entertain extensions from responsible parties who will not meet certain mandatory time frames for cleanups. Current law requires that a “remedial investigation” (RI) be completed by May 7, 2014. Technically, NJDEP has the authority to take cases out of the private sector, dismiss the Licensed Site Remediation Professional and exercise “direct oversight” over the project. The Commissioner’s Office continues to stress that current law does not permit extension of the 2014 deadline. However, individual cases may warrant leniency in situations where significant funds have been expended with sensible prioritization of recourses. In certain cases, NJDEP may also consider imposing direct oversight over only a portion of site, depending on myriad factors.


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